Matcha Tea Dropshipping

I'm the Matcha Monster and people love my Matcha Tea products. I'm somewhat of a celebrity in the UK because of the great products I provide to Matcha lovers.

And now I want to help you to make money from your own website by allowing you to drop ship my Monsterlicious Matcha products. That means you can benefit from my famous name and products whilst having your own customers. Sound good?

Dropshipping is great for people who:

  • Don't have the capital to invest into a new company
  • Don't have the space to store their own stock
  • Don't want to fulfil orders themselves
  • Want an easy, stress-free life :)

There's a lot of work and responsibility involved with storing stock, packing orders, posting them and ensuring they get to customers ok. That's why drop shipping is such an appealing proposition for most. Matcha Monster does the hard work for you!

How does dropshipping it work?

It's quite simple - basically, you set up your own website and list our products on there. Once you get a sale you collect the payment from your customer and then send the order over to the Monster to fulfil on your behalf. The Monster will pick, pack and deliver your order in a timely manner leaving you with very happy customers.

The Monster will give you a discount code to use when placing orders with him on behalf of your customers, this leaves you with an attractive profit margin.

You cannot sell my products for less that my prices, but can sell higher!

Ready to drop ship my Matcha Tea products? Get in touch here.